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What you Don’t Know About Tesla

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Tesla and its fearless leader, Elon Musk have basically taken the automobile business by storm. The Tesla is the first really impressive all-electric luxury car that was all but a pipe dream before the 2000s. Since it was first released in 2003, there have been hundreds of modifications to the car to make it what it is today: a relatively affordable all-electric luxury vehicle. Now we say “relatively” because these cars are still pricey. But Elon has put electric cars on the map in a way that is more accessible than everbefore. Here are some facts that you might find surprising about Elon and Tesla.


Tesla is the world’s fastest electric car

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The Tesla isn’t just sustainable, but it’s incredibly speedy as well. In fact, the Tesla roadster is the fastest electric car in the world. It can accelerate from 0-100 MPH in 1.9 seconds and at its quickest can go 400 MPH. The roadster debuted in 2017 and the second-generation Tesla roadster has plans to be rolled out soon as well. Elon is known for continuing to make improvements to the models year after year to make them more accessible and impressive vehicles. 


Tesla Model S is the world’s safest car

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There are different models of Teslas for different people. Some are more of a sports car style while others are built with families in mind. The Tesla Model S is an incredibly safe vehicle for a plethora of reasons. Namely, it has an incredible information system that helps to drive autonomously and avoid collisions. It can react to a crash before you do. It also has the largest panoramic sunroof which is nearly impossible to crush. The entire car is built like a tank, essentially, making it an incredibly safe vehicle for any driver. 

 Tesla comes with dog mode

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A relatively new feature of the car is “dog mode”. This feature allows you to set a comfortable temperature for your dog if you have to leave them in a vehicle. Leaving a dog in a hot car is absolutely cruel and to think of a way to make pups comfortable while an owner goes to grab something from the store or temporarily leave their vehicle is genius! If someone sees the dog in the car and becomes concerned, the car has a feature that will broadcast a message letting the passerby know that the pet is safe.


Elon is ready to go to space

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As he continues to improve upon the Tesla car and make an electric car suitable for everyone here on Earth, Elon also has his sights set somewhere else: Space. SpaceX is Elon’s spaceflight company which aims to create and test a spaceship to send into space. His goal is to perform moon landings and eventually go to Mars. With his impressive resume, unique genius, and basically limitless funding, we don’t doubt he’ll make it happen. Not to mention, he recently bought Twitter!


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