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The Most Expensive Sports in the World

Playing sports is a huge part of growing up for many people. And most of the time, they cost money. Equipment, coaches, uniforms, tournaments, and competitions all require sports funding to make them happen. Of course, some sports are more expensive than others. Sports are especially expensive at the highest competitive level. The higher the competition, the better equipment you need, and the more money it costs. Not everyone is lucky enough to explore the sport that they love because of the price tag that comes along with it. Check out some of the most outrageously expensive sports in the world.



Most of us have heard of a triathlon which involves swimming, running, and cycling. But a pentathlon involves a total of 5 sports! A pentathlete has to compete in fencing, swimming, show jumping, pistol shooting, and running. Not only does this require immense talent, but it requires deep pockets as well. Show jumping is obviously the biggest ticket item of all of the sports. News flash: Horses are insanely expensive. But the training and equipment for this level of competition in each of the other sports costs thousands as well!



Like we mentioned previously, horses are expensive, especially if you want a horse to win competitions. Equestrian is a very privileged sport to be a part of because of the unbelievable cost to practice and compete at the highest level. Travel, stables, maintenance of the horses, and coaches all add up to unbelievable amounts. To even exhibit a horse on the international level can cost more than $200,000 a year! Not to mention the cost of even purchasing the horse in the first place.



A 2010 study found that an average season of professional tennis would cost an individual $143,000. And that’s only one season! Coaching fees and international travel are the biggest factors when it comes to the cost of the sport. The equipment is only secondary. This is why athletes that compete at the highest level of their sport are paid so handsomely. It’s also the reason that sponsors are so integral to the success of athletes.



Anything that involves a boat is going to be expensive. Owning  a boat is more expensive than owning almost any other vehicle. Sailing requires tons of other expensive equipment as well. Competitive sailboats at the highest level can cost up to $100 million! Yes, you read that right. If you’re lucky enough to be able to buy the right equipment, you have to be able to afford to store it as well.



Bobsledding is one that might surprise you. It is similar to motorsports such as Nascar and Formula 1 in that it requires sponsorships to build the competitive machines necessary to compete. Bobsleds often cost up to $100,000 and the training is extremely pricey as well. Bobsled runs are few and far between so international travel is a guarantee in the sport as well. 

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