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Lewis Hamilton


Lewis Hamilton is one of the most impressive Formula 1 drivers in the world, but he is also a wildly interesting man outside of F1 racing. The driver is a 7 time F1 champion and has been driving for Mercedes for many years. He has been an unbelievable force on the track and has gained popularity for his personality off the track. Lewis is known by his team and fans for being incredibly kind, humble, and talented. Outside of winning championships and earning millions of dollars on the racetrack, he’s an incredibly interesting character. Here are some little known facts about the famous driver. 

He asked McLaren to sign him when he was only 13 years old

The ambitious driver approached McLaren’s boss when he was just 13 years old to ask him to race. His bravery and persistence are evident in the many championships he’s won since starting in Formula 1. About 10 years after he first approached the boss, he drove in F1 for Mclaren for the first time and his career has only flourished since then!

He sings

Lewis Hamilton might just be the next big musician. He regularly posts about his budding music career on Instagram. He’s been fostering his music career for a few years now and has even appeared on a Chritina Aguilera record! He used the pseudonym XNDA on the song “Pipe” from Christina’s album Liberation. There’s a small rap verse on the track that he apparently wrote and recorded within a matter of hours. He explains that he felt incredibly lucky to be on the album. 

He also mentioned that he used a pseudonym because he wanted people to hear the music and his voice to make their own judgments before they knew it was his voice. But as such a prolific figure in the sports community, things are rarely kept a secret. Now, he speaks openly about his music dreams and we look forward to hearing more from him!

He’s working to have more black representation in Formula 1

Lewis has spoken up about the lack of black representation in the sport for years. It is an issue close to his heart as the only black Formula 1 racer. He started The Hamilton Commission, which aims to take action and increase representation in the sport. He recognizes how exclusive Formula 1 is and how lucky one is to become a driver. He’s spoken openly about his feelings on it and how he believes mindsets must change to be more welcoming to different kinds of people. He wants to increase black representation in drivers as well as other positions in Formula 1 teams.

He is knighted

Lewis Hamilton tied Michael Schumacher’s record of winning 7 world titles and, as a result, was knighted in 2021 by the Queen. He is only the 4th Formula 1 driver to have this honor bestowed upon him. The knighting was a reward for an incredible motorsport career so far and he plans to have many more wins in the future! 



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