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Self-Balancing Bike


Some of the world’s greatest inventions were made by accident or were a result of someone deciding a solution must be crafted to a very specific problem. One such instance is the self-balancing bike. A talented engineer fell off his bike and got a little scraped up so he decided to create a bike that balances all on its own. No kickstand needed. 

He even took his idea a step forward. Not only can the bike balance on its own, but it can detect and avoid obstacles in its way to avoid a crash. In other words, he created the Tesla of bikes. He managed to create a bike that could detect subtle movements and correct itself to avoid falling over. It’s powered by a lithium battery and is incredibly effective.

The invention is so effective that even if you tried to throw off the bike’s balance it wouldn’t budge. For example, you could hang a brick off one side of the bike and it would not tip over. Even more impressive is the sensor system that detects things in the path of the bike and redirects it to avoid collision. This is a huge benefit to bikers who travel on busy or high speed streets.

The self-standing bike makes riding more convenient and much safer! Let’s say a ball rolls into the street in front of your bike suddenly, it will know to correct its path before you will. Not only can it stand on its own but it can maintain its balance even with a rider on it. No need to demount at a stop light or lean it against a building when you’re resting. This e-bike is the future! 

Another incredible benefit of the bike is that eventually, once the design has been perfected, it could be used to help kids learn to ride a bike. It will save a lot of kids scraped up knees and will save a lot of parents worry and stress. 

The rise of the e-bike has been going on for the past 5 years or so and different evolutions of the bikes keep popping up. It feels like it’s more common to see e-bikes and e-scooters than it is to see regular bikes these days. They’re faster than an average bike because they have a motor to help the cyclist along. The rise of the e-bike comes with lots of benefits.

E-bikes are being used to commute instead of cars which is excellent for the environment. Tons of cities are starting initiatives to decrease carbon emissions and e-bikes and scooters are a huge help! Also, e-bikes appeal to the younger generations as well. It’s a fun way to encourage kids to get outside and play rather than keep their heads down in their phones and tablets. E-bikes are an efficient way to get around for anyone trying to get to work, school, or just wanting to enjoy a joy ride! Now with the self-balancing bike from engineer, Zhi Hui Jun, we are sure they will only continue to grow in popularity.


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