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Car Mechanic Tells the One Place He Would Avoid When Buying Vehicles

Used car lot with signs that read “drive out,” sale,” and “welcome”
Source: Mario Tama/Getty Images

When it comes to buying a second hand car, most buyers understand that there are risks involved. However, one car mechanic recently told the world in a video that there is one place he would completely avoid buying a vehicle.

Scotty Kilmer, experienced mechanic and auto aficionado, said that the worst possible place to buy a car is on a second-hand used car lot. He said that essentially, the car sellers on this lot “want to squeeze every last dime out of the car,” and because of that tactic, the buyer ends up paying far more than the car is actually worth.

According to Kilmer, “Guys that are selling used cars [are] pros. They do it for a living… they have no personal [interest] in it.” And he explained, “Generally their commission is a percentage of the sales, the higher the price the more money goes into their pocket.”
To make matters even worse, these guys are professional salesmen, meaning they have the skillset to convince the buyer that they want and need a vehicle, even at a ridiculous price point. Kilmer said, “[The dealers] will go anywhere from two to four times what they actually paid for the vehicle [and] they’re gonna try to get you to pay.”

However, Kilmer understands that sometimes, people can only find the car they want at a used car lot. In these instances, he explains, there are ways that buyers can ensure they don’t get completely taken for a ride.

First, make sure to ask what the final price of the car will be after all additional feed. Next, check the levels of oil and gas; Kilmer says that extremely low levels could mean the car hasn’t been looked after for months or even years.

Finally, Kilmer said that it’s extremely important to consider the financing options. Some used car dealers will offer on-site financing, but Kilmer reports that these options are often far more expensive than those offered at the bank.

Realistically, while people can safely and intelligently purchase a used car at a second-hand dealership, they really have to have their wits about them to do so. So for those who don’t feel like paying more for less, Kilmer says there is another and better option.

Scotty Kilmer says the best possible place to buy a used car is from a private seller. That usually means someone who owned the car themselves or is helping a family member or friend sell their previously loved vehicle.

These sellers are, of course, not professional salesmen, and they’re usually not looking to completely rob buyers. As well, because they’re not making commission but keeping the entire sale price, they are far more likely to strike a deal.

When shopping for a used vehicle with a private seller it’s still important to check the gas and oil, know the value of the make and model, and safely fill out all necessary paperwork before handing over the money. But overall, people are far more likely to have a good experience with a private seller than with a used car salesman.


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