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This Company Gives You the ‘Mile High Club’ Experience For Only $1,300

Source: @Love_Cloud_Vegas/ Tiktok

It can be quite interesting to find out people’s wild fetishes or things they’ve fantasized about. For example, there are people who have craved the idea of making love in the zero gravity of outer space (how would that even work?), and some choose a desert as the go-to craving on their bucket list. 

So, we were not very surprised to learn about a hospitality service that allows patrons to enjoy one of such fetishes for only $1300. Instead of causing a steer (or shall we say ‘turbulence’) in the restroom of a commercial flight, the couple in this piece found a way to get down in the skies without having any flight attendant hunting them down. 

In places like the United Kingdom, a couple may actually get handed over to law enforcement agents if they’re caught pleasuring each other in a lavatory meant for passengers on a commercial flight.

By now, you’re probably wondering what the Mile High Club is. Are they an organization incorporated in Delaware or based out of Las Vegas? Sorry to disappoint, but no, they don’t have an official address, and the only declared prominent club member is Richard Branson — founder, of Virgin Atlantic. 

Interestingly, there are several people who are members of the Mile High Club, but who would not dare announce it from a rooftop. Probably because they were already married when the deal went down, or were in an active relationship with someone else. 

So, here is the gist: if you have ever gotten down on a flight, chartered or commercial, then, you’re an unofficial member of the Mile High Club. 

Since the act is largely illegal on commercial flights, a social media influencer has found a way to get down with her partner, in the skies, without incurring the expense of flying a private charter. In fact, the Australian TikTok influencer—Caitlyn Rose—had an exclusive mile-high experience for just $1,300. 

The pretty dame posted a video of herself and her partner boarding a Cessna 414 aircraft on her TitTok account (@onlyrosie.c12). The video has since gone viral and has attracted millions of views. According to the influencer, the 45-minute ride in the double-engine plane was an experience to relive as she claimed to have had the time of her life. 

From the TikTok video posted by @onlyrosie.c12, it is obvious that the Cessna 414 was purposefully outfitted for mile-high-clubbing. The passenger seats have been replaced with soft and comfy bedding, and the interior of the fuselage had a romantic ambiance with a red sheet that is clearly silk. 

Trust netizens to share their opinions in the comment section of such out-of-the-box posts. Some folk shared that they would never splash $1,300 on a 3-minutes romp if you get what they mean. Then, another user raised the issue of privacy since the pilots go with their partners on the flight. However, Miss Rose stated the aircraft’s engine would be enough preoccupation for the pilot’s ears. Besides, those folks are quite discreet with their job. 

So, does paying $1300 to get the ‘Mile High Club’ experience seem like value for money to you or would you rather be grounded?


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