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Mechanic of Over 50 Years Explains The European Car Brands He Would Never Buy From

Source: Scotty Kilmer/TikTok

With over half a century of experience in the automotive industry, Scotty Kilmer is a mechanic whose word carries weight. His insights into the mechanics and durability of automobiles have garnered significant attention, especially through his social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok. In one of his recent videos, Kilmer delved into the pros and cons of various European car brands available in the American market.

Volvo, a brand with origins dating back to 1927, was Kilmer’s top choice. The brand has historically been recognized for its safety and reliability features. In the video, Kilmer remarked, “Number one would be Volvo, even though they are owned by a Chinese company. They’re still solid-built vehicles that can last.” The emphasis here is on the robust build of the vehicles, a quality that many car owners prioritize.

Volkswagen, another longstanding brand, was second on Kilmer’s list. The German automaker, which also owns luxury brands such as Porsche and Audi, has a broad range of vehicles on offer. Kilmer noted the brand’s evolution, saying, “Number two is Volkswagen, which of course also owns Porsche and Audi. Sure, they’re not as reliable as the old Volkswagen Beetle but they can be decent cars in the short run.”

The comparison to the older Volkswagen Beetle model, known for its durability, indicates that while there might be room for improvement, the brand’s offerings are still commendable.

Mercedes-Benz, a global symbol of luxury and engineering excellence, made it to the third spot on Kilmer’s list. He provided perspective on its market competition, stating, “Number three is Mercedes-Benz. Sure, they got their butts kicked by Lexus but they’re more dependable than BMW.” This places Mercedes-Benz in a favorable light compared to BMW, suggesting that they might be a better option for those valuing dependability in luxury cars.

However, not all brands received glowing reviews. BMW, for instance, has built a reputation for sporty, driver-focused vehicles. But Kilmer added a note of caution, suggesting that owning a BMW might not be the most economical choice in the long run. He humorously remarked, “BMW, they are fun to drive but the BMW logo most people say stands for ‘Big Money Wasted’.”

Jaguar Land-Rover, a combined company, also received a critical assessment from Kilmer. Highlighting the financial implications of owning a car from this brand, he advised, “And last on the list is Jaguar Land-Rover, they’re one company. If you like spending money on expensive cars and super expensive repairs get yourself a Jaguar.”

Scotty Kilmer’s video on European car brands in America has been well-received, with over 149,400 views and 12,600 likes. Many viewers appreciate the straightforward and factual insights provided by Kilmer.

One user testified to the durability of Volvo, stating, “After buying a Volvo, it’ll take a lot of convincing to get me into another brand. This thing is an unbreakable beast.”

For those considering investing in a European car in America, Kilmer’s insights, backed by 55 years of hands-on experience, serve as a valuable guide in making an informed decision.


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