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Customer is Disgusted to Find Man Spray Painting Tires to Look Brand New

Source: @blackbeauty_305/ TitTok

No one goes to the tire shop to get a pair of brand-new rubbers and expects to be handed a freshly painted one instead. So, imagine this customer’s reaction when she caught an employee at a tire shop spray-painting old tires, possibly to make them look new. 

She immediately knew she didn’t have to see it alone, so she made a video for the world to feast their eyes on. And the world didn’t disappoint—the short clip which she posted on her TikTok (@blackbeauty_305), has since gone viral.

Denise B, the lady in question, had this inscribed on the video—”Imagine going to buy new tires and you see this guy doing this.” Her caption read, “you never know what these people do these days.. #ohno #tireshop #tires #catfishing.” In the video, the tire shop worker could be seen standing next to a pile of 6 tires and spray-painting them black from bottom to top.

Since the video didn’t provide more information about what was going on, commenters had no option but to speculate on what could have been going on. One commenter wrote, “That’s the one they use for decor like the ones behind, of course they not gonna leave brand new ones outside.” Others agreed with this, and a second commenter mentioned that the spray-painted tires were just for decoration. “Those are used tires probably ppl buy them temporarily for like $15-$20bucks,” yet another commenter wrote. 

Now, if this was truly the case, then it’s no cause for alarm, don’t you think? However, many other viewers weren’t buying it. They described what was going on as shady. 

One commenter wrote, “that would be the only sign that I would need to not buy those tires.” Another said, “this guy is DEFINITELY looking for a lawsuit.” “I’m going straight for the lawsuit. Easssssy money,” someone wrote. Others asked for the name of the tire shop, apparently to avoid it.

But is spray-painting old tires really wrong? Apparently, spray-painting tires is a trend in the industry. According to findings, it’s common practice for tire shops to spray-paint tires as a form of customization. However, it’s important to use the right type of paint to ensure that it sticks to the rubber properly.

Regardless, there are some precautions anyone wishing to buy new tires can take to avoid getting old but repainted ones instead. Some TikTok users suggested that diligent buyers would always check the date on the tires. However, what’s most important is ensuring that you only patronize tested and trusted vendors.

According to reports, Firestone, Discount Tire, and other well-known retail chains are your best bet. Costco and Walmart would do too. It’s also a good idea to visit a car dealership directly. If you’re still skeptical, be sure to go with a friend who’s knowledgeable about tires.

What would you have done if this happened to you? Would you proceed to purchase tires from a vendor if you saw an employee spray-painting old tires?


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