Viral Video Shows a Bizarre Electric Vehicle Graveyard in China

By: Georgia | Last updated: Nov 04, 2023

​​Recently, an intriguing video has been circulating online, capturing the curiosity of many. This video unveils a vast field in China, densely packed with Electric Vehicles (EVs). 

Several theories have sprung up around this peculiar sight, with some pointing to fraudulent activities tied to Chinese EV subsidies, while others view it as evidence of diminishing EV demand. The truth, however, offers a more complex narrative, diverging from the initial speculations.

“Inside China Auto” May Hold the Answers

Eager to separate fact from fiction, “Inside China Auto” took to YouTube, diving deep into this enigma. The prevailing belief among many was that this expansive space was home to an astonishing 10,000 untouched, unsold EVs. 


Source: Inside China Auto/YouTube

The actual findings painted a rather different picture, debunking some widely held assumptions and shedding light on the real occupants of this field.


The Vehicles' Hidden Stories

Upon closer examination, it became apparent that these vehicles weren’t fresh from the factories. A significant portion of them bore the marks of age, being around five to six years old. 


Source: Mike Bird/Pexels

Further evidence of their history included visible aftermarket modifications and undeniable signs of prolonged interior usage. These were clearly not the brand-new vehicles that many had presumed them to be.

Rideshare's Rise and Fall

These cars are remnants of a pivotal phase in China’s transport industry. Circa 2016, China saw an e-bike sharing surge, which was soon followed by a similar trend in short-range EV rentals. 


Source: Markus Winkler/Unsplash

Despite initial promise, these EV services encountered numerous obstacles, not least of which were steep operational costs, which rendered them less appealing to consumers, especially when juxtaposed against other cost-effective transit options.

Unraveling the Broader EV Landscape in China

Due to a blend of business obstacles and rapid technological progressions in the auto industry, many of these short-range EVs found themselves rendered redundant. 


Source: Michael Marais/Unsplash

Alongside the rideshare EVs, one can find old taxis, vehicles bearing scars of accidents, and even newer EVs from international brands that haven’t quite found their footing in the vast Chinese market. As the dynamics of the EV world shift, it’s essential to seek comprehensive insights beyond superficial narratives.