Unauthorized Plane Parts from Mysterious UK Seller Discovered in Major U.S. Airlines

By: Georgia | Last updated: Nov 16, 2023

Recently, three major US airlines discovered unauthorized components in their aircrafts. Investigations have traced these parts back to AOG Technics, a UK-based supplier. 

This startling revelation has prompted deeper inspections and raised concerns about aviation safety and the integrity of supply chains in the industry.

Initial Discovery by Southwest Airlines

During a routine inspection, Southwest Airlines detected parts that raised red flags. This wasn’t just a minor oversight; it suggested a broader issue. 


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This initial discovery prompted other airlines to inspect their fleets more thoroughly, revealing that the problem was widespread and of significant concern.


Company Behind the Concern

Established in 2015, AOG Technics has been identified as the supplier of these dubious engine components. 


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Preliminary findings suggest that the company may have supplied these parts with potentially falsified paperwork, further complicating the ongoing investigations and raising concerns about the company’s operations.

Regulatory Agencies Weigh In

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the EU Aviation Safety Agency have both voiced their concerns. 


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The FAA confirmed AOG Technics’ involvement in supplying parts with unverified paperwork, while the EU agency highlighted the risks of “suspected unapproved parts” from the same company.

Impact on Other Airlines

Southwest wasn’t the only airline affected. Soon after their discovery, United Airlines found similar parts.


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American Airlines also confirmed the presence of these parts within a segment of their fleet. This emerging pattern underscored the gravity and extent of this troubling situation.

100 Planes Identified Globally

The scope of this issue extends beyond US borders. As the situation unfolds, approximately 100 aircraft worldwide have been identified with these questionable parts. 

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This alarming number highlights the global scale and urgency of addressing this potentially hazardous concern.


Airlines' Response

Upon discovery, both United and Southwest Airlines swiftly acted to replace the questionable components.

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American Airlines followed suit, although their findings were limited to a smaller portion of their fleet. The rapid response from these airlines underscores their commitment to ensuring passenger safety.


Legal Action Ensues

CFM International, an influential jet engine manufacturer, has also been affected by this situation.

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After identifying AOG Technics’ parts in engines they serviced, they are pursuing legal avenues in London against AOG Technics, seeking access to crucial documentation related to the supplied parts.


Allegations Against AOG Technics

CFM International’s legal team has outlined grave concerns. 

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They have characterized AOG Technics’ actions as deliberately deceptive, alleging that the company systematically misled the aviation market with fabricated documents, causing widespread concern among industry stakeholders.


Company's Apparent Closure

In the wake of these allegations, AOG Technics has seemingly ceased all operations. Their digital footprints, including their website and LinkedIn profiles, have vanished. 

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The sudden closure and disappearance of their online presence only deepens the mystery surrounding the company’s activities.


Suspicions Over Fake Profiles

Further complicating matters, investigations suggest that AOG Technics may have created counterfeit LinkedIn profiles, falsely representing non-existent employees. 

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This potential deceit adds another layer of suspicion, raising more questions about the company’s credibility and intentions.


Ongoing Investigations

As the aviation world grapples with these revelations, investigations continue. 

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All stakeholders, from airlines to regulatory agencies, are committed to uncovering the truth, ensuring the safety of passengers, and maintaining trust in the industry’s operations and supply chains.