Three-Legged Bear in Florida Enters Patio, Samples Hard Seltzers from Fridge

By: Georgia | Last updated: Nov 07, 2023

In Lake Mary, Florida, an atypical incident unfolded involving a three-legged black bear, known locally as “Tripod.”

The creature found its way into a family’s screened patio, showcasing behaviors that captured the attention of residents and media alike.

Bear Spotted Limping on Driveway

The Diglio family’s surveillance captured the black bear as it approached their residence. The video clearly depicts the bear maneuvering around their driveway with its three legs.


Source: Josaury Faneite Diglio / FOX 35 Orlando

Shortly after, the animal proceeded towards the screened-in lanai, situated near the family’s swimming pool.


Residents React to Unexpected Guest

Josaury Faneite Diglio, the homeowner, relayed that her 13-year-old son and the family dog were inside when the bear made its appearance.


Source: Zdeněk Macháček/Unsplash

Observing from a safe distance within the house, the teenager expressed astonishment at the bear’s audacity and the unfolding scenario in their backyard.

Bear Shows Ability to Open Doors

Unexpectedly, the bear showcased its ability to interact with objects. It attempted to access a mini refrigerator situated on the patio.


Source: Rudi De Meyer/Unsplash

The young observer from the Diglio family voiced his concern, suggesting that if the bear managed to open the fridge door, it might similarly handle the house door.

Bear's Beverage Choice

Upon accessing the outdoor refrigerator, Tripod selected three White Claw hard seltzer beverages.


Source: Getty Images

Josaury Faneite Diglio confirmed this unique choice of drink by the visiting bear. It’s unclear what attracted Tripod to these particular beverages.

Bear Leaves Without Further Incident

After its brief exploration and unscheduled snack time, the bear departed the Diglio residence. The ultimate destination or direction taken by Tripod remains unknown.

Source: Iván Díaz/Unsplash

The incident serves as a peculiar reminder of the proximity of wildlife in the Lake Mary area.


Florida Woman Discovers Bear at Doorstep in Midnight Surprise, Doorbell Camera Captures the Unusual Encounter

Gina Helsel of Daytona Beach, Florida, experienced an unexpected encounter with a black bear just outside her residence.

Source: Gina Helsel /TMX / SWNS

This unexpected event occurred in the early hours of a Thursday and was captured on her Ring video doorbell camera, providing a clear account of the incident.


Late Night Discovery

At around 3 a.m., Gina decided to check outside her house because her nine-month-old goldendoodle was agitated and barking at something.

Source: Gina Helsel /TMX / SWNS

She initially suspected cats, commonly found on her porch, to be the cause. To her astonishment, instead of cats, she discovered a black bear, which she humorously referred to as ‘Yogi.


Bears: A Rare but Real Concern

While Florida is home to a range of wildlife, including snakes and alligators, Gina was not prepared for a bear encounter.

Source: Ben Owen/Unsplash

She stated, ‘We have a lot of wildlife here. I didn’t expect it to be at my front door.’ Such incidents highlight the broad spectrum of wildlife interactions possible in the region.


A History of Visits

Mike Orlando, affiliated with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), provided some insights.

Source: Vincent Maret/Unsplash

He suggested that the bear might have been visiting Gina’s property sporadically ever since she moved in five years ago. Bears, especially around fall, often search for easy meals to prepare for winter.


Safety Recommendations from FWC

To mitigate the chances of unexpected wildlife encounters, the FWC recommends a few safety measures. These include keeping trash inside and making noise or flashing porch lights before opening the door at night.

Source: Trinity Nguyen/Unsplash

Such precautions can deter bears, who often seek out easy food sources, from approaching human residences.”


Reaction to the Unforeseen Encounter

Reacting to the startling encounter with the bear, Gina Helsel expressed her deep-seated fear from the experience.

Source: Olen Gandy/Unsplash

She remarked, “I’ve never been scared like that before. It was terrifying.” She also added that she was thankful for being drowsy during the incident, believing her reaction might have been more intense otherwise.