The FAA Approves the First Flying Car in the World, Find Out How Much It Costs

By: Stephen Thompson | Last updated: Nov 01, 2023

We have always imagined the concept of flying cars, and sometimes this concept is brought to life in movies, leaving most of us to wonder if the flying car would ever be attainable in the future. 

Well, it’s finally becoming a reality. Let’s take a look at the world’s first flying car.

From Fiction to Reality

Alef Aeronautics, a company based in California, has been given a limited certification to test its first flying car. The country’s Federal Aviation Administration (USFAA) approved the certification.


Source: TechPaulNews/ Pinterest

The car will be powered by electricity and perform a vertical take-off. This means it will be like any normal land car, but it can transform into a flying vehicle and ascend into the sky.

The Future of Transportation

According to the CEO of Alef Aeronautics, Jim Dukhovny, people have been trying to invent a flying car for a while now. However, all of them experienced a common obstruction: the government. This time, the US government has authorized the test flights of the vehicle. 


Source: EngineGaadi/ Pinterest

Jim Dukhovny believes that their invention was certified by the USFAA because of their strategy, as they were heavily focused on safety. 

The Alef ‘Model A’

The flying car is referred to as the Alef “Model A.” The vehicle can vertically take off and, in the process, transform the passenger’s side to the bottom wing and the driver’s side to the top wing. Every inch of the car would be used as wings. 


Source: EVMagz/ Pinterest

The vehicle would be used for limited purposes as it has only a flight range of 110 miles. The car will be sold for $300,000 and available to the public by 2025.

The Future of Aviation: Flying Cars

“Even though the ‘Model A’ can fly, it would still be a while before the masses can use it, particularly concerning traffic laws,” Jim explained. There would be certain places where the car can take off and where it can’t. However, the areas would be extended or reduced as time passes.


Source: GlobalUpdate/ YouTube

Jim further stated that Alef Aeronautics intends to do a public media demo to show the world how the ‘Model A’ works.