Record-Breaking Texas Heat Is Destroying Cars in Extremely Bizarre Ways

By: Riley Brown | Last updated: Nov 03, 2023

Texas is in the midst of an intense heatwave, with historically high temperatures being recorded throughout the state. The city of Austin has endured more than four consecutive weeks of weather reaching triple digits, while Austin and Forth Worth have also seen temperatures soaring past 100 degrees.

Strangely enough, Texas mechanics have noticed a number of cars becoming casualties of the blistering hot summer season.

Plastic Wiper Blades Are Breaking Down Due to Humidity

As the heat continues to rise, automotive shops in Texas have witnessed an uptick in odd mechanical issues that have taken a serious toll on vehicles brought into local repair shops.


Source: Getty Images

Dead car batteries, flat tires, and windshield wiper blades breaking down are just a few examples of the destruction that the heatwave has brought on. Scorching temperatures and heat reflecting off glass windshields can “cause the rubber components of a wiper blade to break down.”


Low Tire Pressure Is Worsened When Driving on Tremendously Hot Roads

Low tire pressure is something that happens from time to time, but the chances of getting a flat in Texas are even higher when driving across sizzling hot asphalt. Mechanics have seen more flat tires than ever before, with the heatwave being a very likely cause.


Source: Sjoerd van der Wal / Getty Images

To be proactive about potentially experiencing low tire pressure, it’s wise to invest in a tire pressure gauge and to check tires in the morning when temperatures are cooler.

Car Brakes Are Experiencing “Brake Fade”

The intense temperatures are even creating dangerous problems for car brakes. High temperatures can lead to moisture getting trapped in the master cylinder that contains the brake fluid, causing the moisture to expand.


Source: Axle Addict

The process of losing brake feel is commonly referred to as “brake fade.” While outside temperatures are surpassing the 100 degree mark, temperatures under the hood of a car can reach as high as 230 degrees.

Scratched Windshields From Busted Wipers Have Become More Prevalent

Once the plastic of the wiper blade breaks down, an exposed metal arm is left scratching the surface of the windshield – and most people don’t even realize it until it’s too late.


Source: Only 1 Auto Glass

This kind of damage is very difficult to remedy, so automotive professionals are recommending that Texas residents keep an eye on their wipers and replace them sooner than the typical 12-18 month lifespan.