TLC’s ‘My Strange Addiction’ Brings Back the Man in Love With His Car

By: Stephen Thompson | Last updated: Nov 22, 2023

Anyone who followed TLC’s My Strange Addiction back in 2015 will probably be familiar with Nathaniel.

To refresh your memory, Nathaniel was the guy who fell in love with his car, a red 1998 Chevy Monte Carlo he named Chase. To refresh your memory even more, he also claimed to have physical intercourse with his vehicle.

TLC Provides A New Update

Thankfully, TLC has provided us with an update on Nathaniel. According to TLC, he has recently found a new love in the arms of his new car, a fourth-generation Lexus ES330.


Source: Pinterest

He named his new lover Lex and gave unfiltered details about his new relationship and why he’s so taken with her.


Nathaniel Shows Off Lex

According to Nathaniel, he loves the feel of Lex. “The smoothness of her driving, the feel of her seats. Stuff like that, I mean, that’s the stuff I pay attention to, and you know, I’m just excited to be in her presence”.


Source: Facebook

He also stated that he is really dedicated to her and just wants to be there for her as much as he can.

Difference Between The Old and The New Lover

Unlike his previous vehicle, Chase, Nathaniel’s new lover, Lex, is female. He says this is attributed to her feminine features.


Source: TikTok

He further stated the reason for this gender attribution boils down to her lights and curves. He goes on to say that Lex also has “cute little cheeks,” beautiful headlights and taillights, and of course, “a cute butt.”

Nathaniel's Favorite Part About Lex

Nathaniel’s favorite thing about Lex the ES is her interior. He mentioned how he loves her seats and how comforting they are.


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He also mentioned how nice the scent of Lex’s interior was. Updates on whether he was physically intimate with his new acquisition were not revealed in this video, but many who have watched the clip would assume so.

More Updates To Come

The video posted on TikTok is short and lasts less than two minutes, but thankfully, the TLC account on TikTok has promised more updates soon.

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An update on Nathaniel’s new love will air on Monday, the 19th of July, and we can’t wait to see it.