Increased Pirate Activity on San Francisco Bay Leaves Residents in Fear

By: Georgia | Last updated: Nov 08, 2023

Reports have surfaced of increasing piracy incidents in San Francisco Bay. Houseboat and yacht owners have been increasingly affected by these incidents, with their vessels being targeted, resulting in thefts and damages. 

This alarming situation has garnered attention from local authorities and has raised concerns within the community.

Evidence of Maritime Crime

During a meeting with the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, former harbor master Brock de Lappe highlighted that the Oakland-Alameda Estuary’s shoreline now displays signs of maritime crime.


Source: Unsplash

Sunken wrecks and abandoned vessels are increasingly visible, hinting at the elevated crime levels.


Direct Confrontations Reported

De Lappe continued by stating that many vessels have been stolen and subsequently ransacked. In some cases, victims have had to directly confront the culprits to reclaim their property, often without police support.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

This has raised concerns about the safety and security measures available to residents, especially the elderly.

Acts of Bravery Amid Crisis

A local resident recounted an incident where she came to the aid of a sailor in distress using her kayak. The young man had been left stranded after pirates cut his boat’s line.


Source: Tim Foster/Unsplash

Such acts of bravery demonstrate the community’s resilience and their commitment to supporting one another during these challenging times.

Impact of the Thefts on Local Institutions

The Alameda Community Sailing Center reported significant losses due to the piracy. Multiple safety boats, each valued between $25,000 and $35,000, have been either stolen or rendered unusable.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

Kame Richards, the center’s owner, voiced concerns about the impact of these thefts on the organization’s operations and programs.

Law Enforcement’s Response

The sailing center received a disheartening response when reaching out to the Alameda Police Department (APD) for assistance. 

Source: Scott Rodgerson/Unsplash

APD informed the center of its limitations in handling such situations, and even cautioned against approaching the culprits if they were to locate their stolen boats, demonstrating the dangerous nature of the criminals involved.


Putting the Crime Statistics in Perspective

Chief Nishant Joshi of the Alameda Police Department discussed the rise in reported maritime crimes. 

Source: Fred Moon/Unsplash

He mentioned that while there’s an increased perception of maritime crime, such incidents still represent less than one percent of the total crimes in Alameda. The chief emphasized the importance of understanding both the perceived and actual rise in these incidents.


Exploring Possible Connections

There are speculations linking the rise in piracy incidents to Oakland’s growing homeless population. Some community members have observed an increase in small boats near homeless camps, leading to concerns about potential links between the two issues. 

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However, this connection remains speculative, as authorities haven’t confirmed any direct association.


Law Enforcement’s Challenges on the Water

The Oakland Police Department highlighted the challenges it faces in curbing maritime crime. With only one officer, Kaleo Albino, trained for marine operations, resources are stretched. 

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Albino has been actively training more officers, but managing crime in the expansive waterways remains a daunting task.


Combining Forces Against Piracy

To combat the rising maritime crime rates, the US Coast Guard has teamed up with local law enforcement. The collaboration aims to offer a more robust response to the piracy issue. 

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Effective maritime law enforcement requires a coordinated effort, especially given the unique challenges of policing waterways.


The Community's Response to Threat

Michael West, a local ship resident, shared insights about the community’s reactions. Given the rise in incidents, residents are taking precautionary measures to protect themselves and their property. 

Source: Andrew Neel/Unsplash

Many now possess defensive tools, emphasizing the growing concern and need for personal safety amid the piracy threat.


An Ongoing Development in the Bay

The situation in San Francisco Bay continues to evolve. With the community, local institutions, and law enforcement grappling with the unexpected rise in piracy, efforts are being made on multiple fronts to ensure safety and security. 

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Residents remain vigilant, hoping for effective solutions to restore peace and order on the waters.