Gas Station Alert: The Rise of ‘Pump Switching’ and Tips to Stay Safe

By: Georgia | Last updated: Nov 03, 2023

A new financial scam, known as “pump switching,” is becoming prevalent at gas stations. With the increasing number of incidents, there is a heightened need for awareness and preventive actions. 

The scam is particularly insidious because it targets individuals during a routine activity – filling up their cars – catching them off guard and unprepared for the deception.

The Mechanics of the Scam

The “pump switching” scam is gaining notoriety and has even prompted police in Philadelphia to issue a public service alert. The modus operandi involves scammers targeting people using credit cards to pay for fuel at the pump. 


Source: Jonas Leupe/Unsplash

Unsuspecting victims are approached and offered assistance in pumping gas, marking the beginning of this financially damaging deception.


The Deceptive Transaction

The scam unfolds as the perpetrator offers to either pump gas for the victim or return the nozzle to conclude the transaction. However, the scammer deceives the unsuspecting individual by not terminating the transaction. 


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Instead, they proceed to pump additional gas into their own vehicle, leaving the victim with an inflated bill unbeknownst to them at the time.

Exploiting Goodwill

In another iteration of the scam, the perpetrator offers to return the nozzle but leaves the transaction active.


Source: Erik Mclean/Pexels

They then pump gas for another customer and demand cash payment, resulting in the original victim bearing the cost of both fuel transactions. This crafty manipulation leads to a direct financial loss for the unsuspecting individual.

Targeting the Vulnerable

Perpetrators specifically target those who appear physically vulnerable or are simply good-natured. By offering to assist in the process of pumping gas or hanging the nozzle, they exploit the trust of the unsuspecting individual. 


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This targeting strategy has proven effective in successfully executing the scam, leaving the victims to discover the financial loss later.

An Example Case

One report cited a victim who unknowingly allowed a scammer to hang up their gas nozzle. The realization of being scammed only came after discovering a $165 charge on their credit card – a sum significantly higher than the actual amount of gas pumped. 

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Such incidents demonstrate the subtle yet effective nature of this emerging financial scam.


Avoidance Strategies

To counteract this scam, heightened alertness while pumping gas is paramount. Falling into a routine or becoming distracted increases vulnerability.

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Awareness and skepticism towards unsolicited offers of help at the pump can serve as the first line of defense, thwarting the scammers’ attempts to exploit unsuspecting individuals during this common activity.


The Importance of Receipts

Collecting a receipt after each transaction is a critical step in ensuring that only the consumed amount of gas is charged. 

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By promptly ending the transaction and verifying the charged amount, individuals can protect themselves from unauthorized, additional charges. This simple yet effective practice can mitigate the risk of falling victim to the “pump switching” scam.


Reporting Suspicious Activity

In situations where an individual encounters aggression or confrontation at the gas pump, it is advisable to immediately seek assistance. 

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Contacting the gas station staff or the police can prevent potential escalation. Safety should be prioritized, and professional help should be sought to address suspicious or threatening behavior at gas stations.


Spreading the Word

Being informed about the nature and operation of the “pump switching” scam is essential in mitigating its impact. 

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Public awareness can be instrumental in prevention. Understanding the tactics employed by scammers and the steps for self-protection can significantly reduce the occurrence and success rate of this insidious form of financial deception.


A Preventive Measure

A practical step in avoiding this scam is to decline offers from strangers to pump gas or assist in concluding the transaction. 

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Given the targeted nature of this scam, exercising caution and skepticism towards unsolicited assistance at gas stations becomes a vital preventive measure to guard against financial exploitation.


A Call for Vigilance

In the face of the rising “pump switching” scam, vigilance, awareness, and precautionary measures are the foremost tools for protection.

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By being alert, verifying transactions, and seeking help when confronted with suspicious activity, individuals can effectively safeguard themselves and others from falling prey to this emerging financial threat at gas stations.