From Homelessness to Heroism: Meet the California Man Who Rescued a Baby and Landed Himself a Job

By: Lauren Wurth | Last updated: Nov 18, 2023

In a world where heroes are often born from the most unpredictable places, Ron Nessman’s story is proof of the indomitable human spirit. Witnessing the transformation, Nessman’s story is nothing short of incredible.

From enduring eight years of homelessness to finding purpose as a truck driver, Nessman’s path took an unexpected turn when he emerged as a hero. Read on to unravel his inspiring journey, highlighting his struggles, his crucial role in saving a baby’s life, and the opportunity that awaited him at Applebee’s.

A Life-Saving Leap

Having just finished an interview at Applebee’s, Ron Nessman found himself sitting on a bench outside a nearby carwash. Suddenly, his attention was caught by a terrifying scene growing before his eyes. What could it be?


Source: Digi Shots/ YouTube

A woman tried catching a runaway baby stroller, repeatedly tumbling in her pursuit. At that moment, Nessman’s inert heroism drove him into action. He swooped in with lightning speed and unwavering determination to save the day.


A Stroller Teeters on the Traffic Edge

In an interview with CBS Los Angeles, Nessmam recounted the moment when the fearless child first began heading toward the bustling street. The wind howled, and the stroller, caught in its grasp, tottered on the edge of disaster.


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Each moment intensified the woman’s fear, as it was only a matter of time before the wind hurled the stroller into the path of oncoming traffic. At this moment, a sense of helplessness seemed to wash over her, knowing she couldn’t step in in time.

Saving the Stroller from a Tragic Fate

With an adrenaline overflow, Nessman sprung from the bench, his instincts kicking into overdrive. In a few seconds, he closed the gap between the runaway stroller and himself, mere inches from the clutches of speeding traffic.


Source: KTLA/ YouTube

With an uncompromising determination, he reached out and took hold of the stroller, halting its journey. Relief washed over him as he reflected on the mother’s anguish he had averted. Nessman shared that he could not fathom the thought of such a terrifying ordeal, particularly as someone with beloved nephews and nieces.

A Witness Describes the Terrifying Story

Donna Gunderson, a witness on the scene, recounted in an interview with NBC LA that she heard a blood-curdling scream slicing through the air and shattering the serenity of the moment.


Source: Fox 11/ YouTube

Her senses shook into high alert, and as she swiftly turned her head, she witnessed a scene that froze her in her tracks—a stroller moving down the road with relentless momentum. Time seemed to be still as her heart dived into the depths of dread, knowing the looming danger awaiting the innocent child.

A Journey of Resilience

In a poignant disclosure to CBS, Nessman shared his extraordinary transformation, having once been trapped in the grip of homelessness and battling the shadows of depression for years.

Source: ClarkCounty/ YouTube

The weight of his struggles became unbearable when his world was devastated in 2018 by the unexpected loss of his girlfriend. Overwhelmed by grief, he spiraled into desolation, devoid of motivation or purpose. But against all odds, Nessman found a glimmer of hope from his loved ones when his sister took him in.


A Second Chance and a Hope for Opportunity

With a strong resolve, Nessman emerged from the shadows, determined to script a new chapter in his life. He told NBC LA about how he consciously decided to change his path. He further revealed with conviction that if you yearn for a different outcome, you must take different steps.

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As he shared his story with NBCLA, there was real hope in his voice and a desire to be given a chance. He yearned for someone, particularly an employer, to witness his journey and recognize the extraordinary resilience within him. In his eyes, his struggles are proof of his strength and determination.


Nessman’s Remarkable Turnaround

In a striking twist of fate, Nessman’s life took an extraordinary turn as he secured a job interview at Applebee’s in Victorville, California. Little did he know that destiny had an even more remarkable plan for him.

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Nessman’s story confirms the power of second chances and the indomitable human spirit. Going from struggling to becoming a hero and finding gainful employment embodies our resilience.


Applebee's Welcomes Nessman with Open Arms

Ron Nessman’s heroic act captured the hearts of millions as the video of his life-saving intervention went viral, garnering over 66 million views. But it was not just his extraordinary actions that caught the attention of Applebee’s General Manager, Emily Canady.

Source: 9News/ YouTube

According to Canady, the decision to hire Nessman stemmed from his exceptional character and qualifications, making him an ideal addition to Team Victorville at Applebee’s.


Embracing Independence: Nessman’s Drive to Earn His Worth

In a heartfelt expression of gratitude and determination, Nessman finds relief in knowing that his heroic actions made a difference in someone’s life. But he seeks no personal gain through online fundraisers. Instead, he focuses on carving a life through hard work and dedication.

Source: KCAL/ YouTube

Keen to earn his income, he wholeheartedly appreciates the opportunity bestowed upon him by Applebee’s, acknowledging it as a stepping stone towards achieving his aspirations. This act further proves Nessman’s resilience and determination to achieve financial independence.