Incredible Findings Made by Auto Mechanics During Routine Service Appointments

By: Ene Ayegba | Last updated: Nov 20, 2023

Making modifications to a car is great, but let’s be real—it’s easier said than done. Many of us drivers have tried DIY alterations, but some car owners certainly take it to a whole new level, leaving auto shop workers perplexed.

Get ready for an amusing ride as we explore DIY modifications on auto shop customers’ cars that will make you wonder how these drivers even made it on the road!

Drink and Drive?

We can’t deny the fact that this is pure genius! But before you do it, let’s be very clear: Drinking and driving is a big no-no! So, if you do decide to turn a door handle into a bottle opener, ensure it’s only soda like a refreshing Coca-Cola.


Source: Tammy Clark/Pinterest

So while we raise our glass bottles for a toast to this amazing idea, let’s ensure not to drink and drive!


Airbags or Plastic Bags?

Someone somewhere thought that installing airbags meant filling a plastic bag with air! Can you believe it? We really hope this is a prank. Of course, we know airbags are tough on wallets, but this DIY job is a disaster waiting to happen. Come on, it’s not even close to a replacement!


Source: Creative Market/Pinterest

This idea is not only unpractical, it’s also totally unacceptable. Safety must never be overrated. And if we are being completely honest, some things in life should never be replaced with plastic bags—airbags are certainly one of them!

Tape on Tires

Can a tire wrapped in tape provide the safety and performance required on the road? This has to be one of the most amusing DIY projects we’ve seen. Take a look at this person proudly displaying their tires wrapped in tape.


Source: Dorothy Kintgen/Pinterest

While you may be rolling with laughter, take a moment to evaluate how practical this is. No matter how ingenious this may be, we are still skeptical about how functional this is.

Objects in Mirror Are Funnier Than They Appear

We all know rolling up our sleeves and undertaking some automobile DIY can save tons of money, and here is a funny example of how that goes! This mirror completely defies the laws of engineering and physics, making it a risky bet!


Source: Tammie Gonzalez/Pinterest

So, while this is hysterical, the objects in this mirror may be closer and farther than they really are, confusing the driver and putting them and others in harm’s way!

Transmission Pan

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to the ‘90s. Remember Koosh balls? Well, keep your nostalgia because the image right here will have you reminiscing. 

Source: Jarrod Jernigan/Pinterest

There’s a transmission pan capturing meta particles and debris to keep the oil clean—yikes!


No Customer Would Want This

As it turns out, this one isn’t a customer’s fault. Apparently, the auto repair person had mistakenly left some rags in the engine valley while working on the gaskets.

Source: Freepik/Pinterest

Unfortunately, the entire engine needed to be replaced. Talk about an unsatisfied customer!


Blossoming Wings

Did the caterpillar deliberately choose to blossom in its unnatural space, or is this by chance? It may be difficult to see at first, but here is a butterfly trapped between steel and glass, yearning to spread its wings!

Source: Etsy/Pinterest

The dazzling lights of the car probably blinded this poor creature. However, this outcome is no surprise—insects are naturally drawn to light.


Oil Filter or Not?

Help us out because we are somewhat confused. Aren’t oil filters supposed to perform two purposes? Keeping the oil in and filtering any unwanted elements? What, then, is with the filter to the left below?

Source: Familyhandyman/Pinterest

We really don’t get it. It looks like the oil has taken over, rendering it helpless!


A Close Reminder!

Black ice is cunningly invisible and plays risky games on unsuspecting drivers, leading to slipping and sliding!

Source: Sara/

Maybe this driver thinks excessive black ice inside the car will prevent coming in contact with it outside. It’s either that, or this is just a stinky car.


At Least They Made It to the Door

Whoops! This driver’s hurry certainly got the best of them! They were in such a rush to reach where they were going that they crashed into the mechanic’s garage. We think they were just in time to get the mechanic’s help.

Source: Jandy’s Auto/YouTube

This certainly reminds us of movie scenes in which an injured person rushes to the hospital and collapses at the door after calling for help.


Mary Had a Little Lamb

Remember this nursery rhyme? The one in which Mary had a little lamb, and the lamb follows her everywhere she goes? Well, looks like that rhyme might be more apt than we think, and this image testifies to that!

Source: Paulboilerbkk64/Imgur

Just look at how this not-so-little lamb is perfectly strapped in, waiting for its owner. But take a closer look, it’s not just Mary’s lamb enjoying the coziness of this car, there’s also a dog resting on its lap. How comical!


So Many Things Happening at Once

We don’t know much about what’s happening here. But one thing is for sure, this car is a total wreck! We’re beginning to think the driver got some things mixed up—the shooting range, driving range, race track, etc.

Source: r/Justrolledintotheshop/Reddit

While the bullet holes may have gotten your attention, don’t let it stop you from noticing the flat tire. Seems like a lot of things are happening to the car simultaneously. We can only hope the driver has insurance!


Let’s Not Play Games, Please!

At first, everything may seem okay with this engine, but take a closer look. What do you see? A dog playing hide and seek in a car’s engine?

Source: LouLou B/Pinterest

This one has us completely awed. We know of dogs and cats hiding under cars for warmth, but this canine chose here, of all places, to curl up. We need an explanation!


Find Me if You Can!

Speaking of hide and seek, this dog is also snuggling between the wheels, right smack dab in the center of a truck’s engine! While we wonder how this big creature fits into this little space, let’s take a moment to see its expression.

Source: U/Kingooben/Reddit

In our opinion, it looks a bit disappointed to be discovered. But don’t worry, buddy, we won’t judge you on your hiding spot!


Car vs. Moose

This one is really disheartening. Evidently, cars colliding with animals happen more often than we think.

Source: U/twenafeesh/Reddit

We certainly feel bad about this incident, and can only imagine the current state of the people in this car. But we believe this is a great reminder to always be on the lookout when driving.